Videos of Ananta Mandal in action

Here you can see Ananta Mandal's few video demonstrations in his studio and in different places.

The Melody of Life ( Video Installation )

Behind the film 

When I visited ‘Gadisar Lake’ in Jaisalmer, with the backdrop of the Jaisalmer Fort ‘Sonar Kella‘ one locale was playing melodious folk music on his ‘Ravanahatha'. In the quietness of death beside the cremation ‘Chhatris’ (Umbrellas), enchanted by his echoing folk melody, I picked some of burnt wood and started scribbling on the walls the forms of camels that most appealed to me. The music lead to drawing the icons of life of Jaisalmer - the camels, the folk musician and his wife….

Impressions of Abu Dhabi

This is indeed very exciting for me to join the event ‘Art for a case’ organized jointly by TellusArt and Abu Dhabi Art Hub. I appreciate the fact that this event provides an international platform for artists to live, create art, meet and work with the many artists from different countries around the world. It has been an enriching experience for me and for my artwork as well. TellusArt is really doing a great job for providing such a platform where artists can share their thoughts and experience, as well as exchange cultures. This joint venture between TellusArt and Abu Dhabi Art Hub has been a wonderful experience.

Multifarious Impressions 2013

Ananta Mandal present's Multifarious Impressions, 11th Solo Exhibition of Paintings 
from 2 Dec - 8 Dec, 11 am - 7pm. at Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai, India. 

Ananta Mandal has a natural way to handle watercolors. His huge watercolors speak of his ease at handling this otherwise difficult medium and reaffirm his long lasting affair and affinity with it. 

His subjects are enveloped in hazy mist of rainy atmosphere which transcend them into mystical beauties. Be them the everyday busy street scenes of metro cities, the beaches  of  Kolkata, the snowscapes of  Kashmir or even the sand dunes of Rajasthan, with Ananta’s flowing brush, they turn into luring spaces in the frame of his paintings. The rainy mist associated with gloominess dance here with optimistic hope of creation and soothing emotions. No wonder, his paintbrush has captured the reflected images of the city roads, countryside ambiance and the blue sky merging with the horizon - all of which seems to come alive in his work while their simple charm create a subtle poetry in his paintings. Though impressionist in the rendering, the paintings are purely romantic in the effect they leave on the viewers’ minds. They are pleasing to the eyes and touching at the emotional level. 

Ananta also paints in oil and acrylic colors. He has a deep sense of using any medium to bring out that enigmatic atmosphere with subtle play of light and shade and merging beauty of line and tones. His compositions are strong statements of his mind frame which casually winds the representations into surreal poetry. His paintings takes stride to the level of Art Forms with his faith in the spiritual and his dedication to the endeavors of achieving the results he desire in his art works.

This is what sets Ananta as a young master who has bagged more national and international awards than his age in number. He has exhibited in numerous group shows and solo exhibitions in India and abroad and at the same time he has been invited as guest artist in different parts of India and abroad. 

This Exhibition is one step further in his pleasing journey of encompassing curiosity of a child blended with romantic vision of adolescence and maturity of a master in creation of these blissful images of everlasting beauty.

Gayatri Mehta
Eminent Painter, Jt. Secretary of  The Bombay Art Society
Mumbai, India


Impressions of Kolkata by Ananta Mandal

Ananta Mandal here paint the impressions of Kolkata, majesty of historic Victoria Memorial, time endured trams in the bustling streets; Babughat jetty ferry with its serene skyline and energetic reflections of the rustler boats; watercolor architectural of Nakhoda Mosque at Burrabazar with hazy backdrop of Kolkata air in the early morning. 

This 90 minutes DVD documents, the essence of developing an understanding of how to translate and interpret what we see and feel about a location and transform the same into painting with step by step process in simple and informative way. This DVD reveals the mystery of an Artist's thought process of translating the subject with emotions and insights with an approach to develop it into a painting. 

Impression of Kashmir

Kashmir is a region of widely varying people and characteristics. This place is also considered as heaven on earth due to its natural splendor. In this video you will experience how Ananta Mandal has captured in his painting the land of snow clad mountains, several exciting places such as Dal Lake and its surrounding and many more while traveling.